About us

Born in Nicosia, Cyprus, Annita Papamichael moved to the UK to study Interior Design at the Manchester Metropolitan University. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, she moved to Milan, Italy to continue her studies at the famous Domus Academy where she received a Master’s degree in Interior and Living Design.

While there, she became acquainted with the Italian culture and design, and was privileged to meet some very important people of the design world, amongst them being Fabio Novembre, Teresa Sapey, Patricia Urquiola, Oliviero Toscani, Francesco Morace, and many others. She also enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with famous companies such as Future Concept Lab, Domina Hotel Group, and INglass, amongst others.

After graduating from the Domus Academy, Annita started working for Conte Oggioni Partners, an established design and architecture studio in Milan, where she focused on exhibition design, providing innovative stands for several famous fairs in Milan, as well as in Bologna and Palermo.

In 2010 she started working as a freelancer. She then opened her own design studio based in Nicosia and continues to work in the field of interior design, developing mostly residential, office and retail projects both in Cyprus and abroad.

Since then, the studio has grown, undertaking numerous residential and commerciial projects throughout Cyprus.

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