Design Services

Annita Papamichael Interior is a an interior design studio based in Nicosia, Cyprus which offers nation-wide services in residential and commercial projects around space planning, kitchen & bath design, Interior Architectural Detailing, Furniture and Lighting Design and CAD & 3D modelling.

Following several years of experience in Italy and Cyprus, Annita Papamichael has established herself in the field of interior design and currently works as a freelancer with various projects, ranging from residential, retail, office and exhibition design, both in renovations and new constructions. Clients of Annita include businesses, architect offices, renovation contractors, exhibition centres, retail shops and individuals.

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Residential Design

Complete interior design services for new residential projects as well as renovations of existing spaces. From planning, to detailed design of kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, custom furnishings, lighting study and design, furniture proposal, colour and textile coordination


Interior Renovations

Renovations are the most interesting and challenging form of interior design. We are given a space that is old or problematic or which has a completely different use and the aim is to redefine it and meet the needs of its new owner or purpose


Retail design

Combining a wide range of creative and technical skills in order to translate a brand into a three-dimensional experience that helps client sell their product or brand name.


Office Design

Transforming every workspace into a place where people feel inspired to do remarkable things. Office design can directly affect the working environment in a variety of ways, which in turn can affect the overall success of the business. Such a project involves mainly planning, furnishing and lighting study.


Exhibition design

Creative, top-quality trade show displays, exhibits and environments that enable exhibitors to engage their customers in ways that are truly unique.